Pre Competitive Juniors

(6-10 yrs old)

"Creating Future Stars in the Game of Soccer and in Life"

The Juniors Program is for ALL LEVELS OF PLAYERS in the U7-U10 age groups who are interested in committing themselves to reaching their next level and potential.

TSC Hurricane's Junior Development Model emphasizes quality training in small group formats. The Junior Program follows TSCH

Player Development Philosophies and Standards.

Our club cooperatively guides young players through four stages that will fully prepare them for the next level:

1. Learning To Train (100% development focus)

2. Learning Style Of Play (100% development focus)

3. Refining Style Of Play (95% development focus, 5% winning focus)

4. Training To Compete (85% development focus, 15% winning focus)

It’s our mission to help ALL players (no matter what background, age or level) become STARS in LIFE and develop a life-long passion for the game! We are confident working together we will help better prepare players as they move into adulthood (and while in adulthood) in an ever changing, diverse and global society. We firmly believe that our players’ learning experiences in the game as a life-long member of our club will help prepare them to be STARS in LIFE!

A player graduating out of our Juniors Program should possess the following skills:

A Love for the Game.

An arsenal of Ball Mastery & Dribbling Skills.

Confidence & Competence of 1v1s in both Attacking & Defending

Correct Shooting Technique

Correct Passing Technique

Correct Heading Technique

Positive First Touch

Players should be proficient jugglers of the ball and all skill work is geared towards developing both feet. All of these skills add up to create a confident player who can receive a ball under pressure and make a positive decision with it.

Please note: To participate in the full experience of the Soccer City JDL you must be a member of TSC Hurricane.

Junior Development Program (U7-10 )

Registration: $199.50 per year for U7/U8 AND U9/U10

(includes home club registration, insurance, sanctioning, some administrative costs, scheduled Junior Development League (JDL) games in Fall and Spring, game complex operating costs, referee assignors, etc.)

Club/Training Fees: $800 per year. For your convenience, you may pay this in 10 monthly installments of $80 each beginning in August and continue through May). This is an ANNUAL Commitment. (Club Fees include coaching, training, club operating costs, website, etc.) .

Team Expenses: These will be set by your coach/team manager based on the level of your plans. These expenses would include items such as tournament fees, coach per diem, ref fees, indoor, etc. These would be paid monthly along with your club fees.

All fees are non-refundable.

TSC Hurricane is committed to providing youth soccer activities to every eligible player who wishes to participate. The Tulsa Soccer Foundation, Inc. was created as a non-profit (501-c3) for the purpose of providing financial assistance to those players in need as well as to help support the development of soccer facilities. A portion of these funds are earmarked for player assistance. CLICK HERE to apply