Mayes County Soccer


We are so excited that SPRING 2021 is almost here! There are alot of moving parts to getting a season going so please be patient if there are hiccups at first and tell a board member or a coach thank you for volunteering time and giving your player a great soccer experience. You may notice a logo change as we have decided to partner with WSA for a competitive program and are working with them to get some more clinics on the schedule. We are really excited about the direction that the club is headed. You will also notice that some field movement will be going on as well if your out please come and lend a hand.

Join via text by texting mayescountysoccer to 84483


We are in need for more volunteers. This is a recreational league and a few select folks cannot take care of everything needed for the entire complex. The club is ran completely on volunteer basis we do not have any paid staff. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated by everyone. We have some great plans for the future but cannot do it without volunteers. If you are interested please email us at